Maepaysoh Endpoint Documentations

Candidate Endpoint

Candidate endpoints has data of candidates for coming 2015 election. This endpoint is connected with party and constituency.

Party Endpoint

Party endpoint is provided list of party that UEC Myanmar publish on their website here. All data get from the website and provided through API.

FAQ Endpoint

Frequently answer and question endpoint will provide common question and it's answer from voters that compiled by our partner Community Oriented Myanmar (COM).

Geolocation Endpoint

You can have geolocation of Myanmar by using this endpoint. For now geolocation endpoint is provided district location of Myanmar.

OMI Parliament Endpoint

Static JSON API based on data released by the Open Myanmar Initiative. There are three datasets covering March 2011 to November 2014
  • biographical info for members of parliament (name, party, birthdate, gender, ethnicity, occupation)
  • questions by members of parliament
  • motions by members of parliament